Different models are implemented in this simulator. A new full example has been added in this new release v0.4.0 which demonstrate the use of one of them: the group and interaction model.


Group and interaction model


Symu is a multi-agent system for the co-evolution of agents and socio-cultural environments with an interaction model between agents : each agent defines the way the agent interacts with other agents.
It is based on different parameters:
  • relative knowledge
  • relative activities
  • relative beliefs
  • social demographics
Each parameter has an associated weight to calculate the homophily factor.
This model defines the way the interaction sphere is initialized and can change over time.
The interaction sphere may be initialized in two ways: similarity matching and random generation.

SymuGroupAndInteraction example

You can use this example to discover and understand the impact of all the setups on the agents. That will help you setup you own interaction model.

Scenario of the simulation

  1. Groups of people
  2. People who are members of the group

Knowledge, activites, beliefs and social-demographics are defined for every agents. Those parameters has an impact on the way people are interacting every day in their group, in their sphere of interaction.
Play with the interaction strategy to see the impact on the organization flexibility, defined by the capacity of creating triads.
Try to increase triads with the creation of new interactions.

Screenshot of group and interaction model

You can also discover the learning and forgetting models implemented in Symu or the messaging and tasking models.

Getting started

To start playing with this example, download the version v0.4.0. You will find the source code and the executable SymuGroupAndInteraction.exe.

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